2017 Live Highlights, so far...

What a year so far, huh? After an amazing album launch for Automaton back in March ‘17, (and thanks to everyone for the Number 1 spot in 38 countries and number 2 spot in 52 countries on iTunes!), we had the pleasure of performing a few warm-up gigs in Paris and London before repairing Jay’s back and hitting the road with a fantastic summer of headlining festivals all around Europe.

We also popped over to Japan to return to our beloved Tokyo, which brought our total gigs so far to 16, playing to over 70,000 fans on the ground, AND... thanks to the power of high-speed, fibre-optic broadband technology, we also had over 11 million MORE fans enjoying our live shows online, in full, all around the world, via our very cool (and sometimes last minute!) Facebook Live streams.

So, while we gear up for our huge European and South American arena tour, we wanted to share some of our top live highlights of 2017 and thank YOU, our awesome and loyal fans, for all your support and love. We can always count on your good vibes, from every corner of the planet, so thank you again for listening.

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