Jay’s Automaton lowdown, track by track

Our ninth studio album Automaton, came out on March 31st, 2017, with a new electronica twist shaken AND stirred with the good ole’ sound of our JamiroFunk. Our first single was the title track and featured a star-fallen, digitally-angst being, landed and confused on planet earth (another emergency, perhaps!?), while our follow-up single Cloud 9 threw us back to a sexy disco summer groove, and a video filmed in Spain that starred the one and only Penelope Cruz, taunting Jay with every dance move.

The dance-floor filler Superfresh popped out as our third single, and even though Jay was out with a bad back, the video funked it up old skool with a dancing vixen in disco lights.

All our videos were directed and produced by the superbly talented and longtime pal Charlie Lightening, and of course, there’s a whole load more to come off this album too, so watch this space...

Want to hear more about Automaton? Sit back and relax, then CLICK HERE to hear Jay Kay himself explains what went into every single song on the album, and then some!